The current trend is not our destiny: #MoveTheDate

The past does not necessarily determine our future. Our current choices do. Through wise, forward-looking decisions, we can turn around natural resource consumption trends while improving the quality of life for all people.

While our planet is finite, human possibilities are not. The transformation to a sustainable, carbon-neutral world will succeed if we apply humanity’s greatest strengths: foresight, innovation, and care for each other. The good news is that this transformation is not only technologically possible, it is also economically beneficial and our best chance for a prosperous future.

We have identified five key areas that are defining our long-term trends most forcefully, and all of them are shaped by our individual and collective choices:


city block

How we design and manage cities

(compact, integrated versus sprawling, segregated) This determines both heating and cooling needs as well as transportation.  Learn More



How we power ourselves

(fossil fuels versus renewables) This currently makes up the biggest share of our overall Footprint. Learn More



How we produce, distribute, and consume food

(local, vegetable-based diets versus industrial animal-based diets) Currently food production uses over half of our planet’s biocapacity. Learn More


How we help nature thrive

(conservation, reforestation, regenerative farming) Protecting nature that we vitally depend upon. Learn More



How many of us there are

(empowering women and girls, family planning) The more we are, the less planet per person. Empowering women leads to smaller, healthier, and better educated families. Learn More

Explore these options in more detail, and find out how many days we can #MoveTheDate embracing these kinds of solutions.

Discover, champion, and share solutions

Effective and affordable solutions to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day already exist in abundance. We believe it is possible to accelerate their implementation in the real world. How? By sharing knowledge of what works and bringing people together. Explore and share solutions you love that can #MoveTheDate! Learn More

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