Circular Companies: Recycling and Refurbishing

Eberhard AG

Low-Carbon Circular Concrete

Smart Cities

humanscapes habitat

Humanscapes Habitat

Sustainable and Integrated Urban Living

construction waste recycler

Eberhard AG

Construction Waste Recycler

infill housing

Infill Housing Development

High Performance Glass

Urban Trees


wine and grapes with valley in background

The Alliance for Carbon Neutrality: Siena

Carbon Neutral Cities

Egyptian Smart Grid

Lending Libraries

guimaraes portugal city castle view

Guimarães, Portugal

Municipal Footprint-driven Development Strategies

Cool Roofs

Compact Superblocks

Nordbahntrasse, Northern Railway Line

Electric Vehicles

Smart Energy Bus Depot

Lowering speed limits

15-Minute City

Congestion pricing in cities


Reforming parking in cities

Traditional building design