Batonga Foundation

Girl’s and young women’s leadership clubs

Peatland Protection and Rewetting

windmills and cows

Onshore Wind Turbines

infill housing

Infill Housing Development

Building retrofits – Single-family housing

High Performance Glass

Urban Trees


Building Electrification


Clean Cookstoves

wine and grapes with valley in background

The Alliance for Carbon Neutrality: Siena

Carbon Neutral Cities

man biking in Calanques National Park, France

DestiMED Plus

Mediterranean Ecotourism

Egyptian Smart Grid

Lending Libraries

Managed Grazing

guimaraes portugal city castle view

Guimarães, Portugal

Municipal Footprint-driven Development Strategies

Refrigerant Management

Cool Roofs

Distributed Solar

Dandelion Africa

Mobile Backpack Nurses – Women’s Health


Blending Hydrogen and Natural Gas

Green New Deal