Can you be happiest sticking with fewer favorite items of clothing than you thought you needed? Maybe it is a favorite pair of jeans, a cute yet comfy dress, or a versatile jacket. These items could be part of the foundation for your capsule wardrobe―a collection of timeless clothing items that can be mixed and matched to compose outfits for any occasion.

Clothing makes up 3% of the global Ecological Footprint. One of the goals of a capsule wardrobe is to be intentional about clothing purchases. Take a look at your closet. Can you design your clothing capsule and streamline your wardrobe?  Get creative while mixing and matching clothing from your minimalist collection!

Click here to read about buying used and vintage clothing, such as a wedding dress, to reduce resource use and carbon emissions.

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.


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Share a picture of your favorite capsule clothing outfit and why you like it on social media with the hashtag #MoveTheDate!

Now that you’ve learned about a step that you can take in your personal life, check out some of the many existing solutions that companies, cities, and countries can deploy at scale to help humanity reach one-planet prosperity.

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