If we reduced global meat consumption by 50% and used more calories from plants, we would move Overshoot Day 17 days!

Using world data on meat production, we have calculated that it takes 14 times as much biologically productive land to produce 1 ton (or 907 kilograms) of beef as it takes to produce 1 ton of grain. Pork? 1.9 times as much. Furthermore, global livestock is responsible for 9% of all anthropogenic carbon emissions (a conservative estimate.)

What are you hungry for? How often can you skip meat and enjoy a vegetarian meal?

Expanding your vegetarian repertoire in the kitchen will help, so we invite you to explore these videos of delicious and easy recipes. Pick one that inspires you, go grocery shopping or visit your local farmers market if available, and enjoy your tasty new recipe!

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.


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Now that you’ve learned about a step that you can take in your personal life, check out some of the many existing food-focused solutions that companies, cities, and countries can deploy at scale to help humanity reach one-planet prosperity.

Low impact Macagn cheese production

Slow Food

Local breed conservation through small-scale farming

Slow Food

Preserving indigenous pig breeds

Slow Food

Nomadic pastoralism

Food waste prevention legislation

Plant-based meals in school canteens

Land Stewardship for Low Impact Beef Production

close up of growing rice grains

Improved Rice Production

Tree Intercropping

woman harvesting lettuce in short chain food system

Fostering short-chain food systems in the Mediterranean


Efficient Cooking

Regenerative Annual Cropping