Depending on where we live, some of us may finally be able to leave the confinement of our homes and enjoy a change of scenery for a bit. If so, let’s celebrate by exploring, not exploiting! When we bring an eco-attitude to the places we visit and take action to limit the impacts of our trip, our vacation can provide important benefits to local communities while supporting conservation. So which steps can we take to maintain the nature and culture of destinations we all love to visit?

  • Seeking out high quality small-scale hotels that integrate well with local communities and are equipped with renewable energy sources. Although large hotel chains are often very efficient, these small-scale hotels will reduce the accommodation Footprint by as much as 48%.*
  • Considering alternative transportation instead of renting a typical car. An electric vehicle will help reduce the Footprint by 40-50%*, and a bike ride means no Footprint at all!
  • Buying local and organic food products. Making this choice improves each meal with a tasty Footprint reduction of 5%*. This can really add up over the course of a trip!

* Data derived from Global Footprint Network’s analysis of ecotourism packages in Mediterranean Protected Areas.

The good news? These actions also go a long way toward ensuring the travel experience is full of relaxation, flavorful authentic cuisine, and a genuine connection to the local way of life.

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.

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More steps to #MoveTheDate

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

I jump in front of the camera

I jump in front of the camera

spread of colorful vegetables

I take on food waste

group of hands holding sprouts

I nurture nature

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I travel with an eco-sensibility

crowded city street

I start a population conversation

I streamline my wardrobe

I streamline my wardrobe

young woman sitting on floor looking at laptop

I dive into data

couple preparing vegetarian meal

I beef up my plant-based diet

two men in business suits riding bicycles

I commute carbon-free

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate