The more of us there are, the less planet there is per person and for wildlife. With more than 7.8 billion people on the planet and increasing consumption, humans have destroyed wildlife habitat and driven massive plant and animal extinction.

We want all species to thrive, within the means of our one and only planet. Through education, reproductive justice (including universal access to safe birth control), and empowerment of women, we can help ensure that future generations can thrive in a beautiful, hospitable world.

We invite you to volunteer to distribute the Center for Biological Diversity’s Endangered Species Condoms and download resources to help start a conversation about how addressing population growth can help #MoveTheDate. 

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.

Now that you’ve learned about a step that you can take in your personal life, check out some of the many existing population-focused solutions that companies, cities, and countries can deploy at scale to help humanity reach one-planet prosperity.

Girl’s and young women’s leadership clubs

Batonga Foundation

Mobile Backpack Nurses – Women’s Health

Dandelion Africa

male and female birth control methods

Women’s and girl’s reproductive health

Endangered Species Condoms

Center for Biological Diversity