A novel coronavirus forced the world to slow down in 2020, leading to a 9.3% reduction of humanity’s Ecological Footprint. This turn of events was unforeseen and took us all by surprise. It also took lives. Even more livelihoods were destroyed, causing intense and widespread suffering.

Tragedy is not to be confused with sustainability. Sustainability requires careful design so that all can thrive within the ecological means of Earth. In this context, will you declare what you want to see (and possibly help make) happen in order to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day to December 31 or later before 2050? It’s as easy as posting your 15-second video selfie on your favorite social media!


  1. Create your own video selfie
  2. Post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,…) with the hashtag #MoveTheDate and @EndOvershoot tag.


I am [Mathis].
I will be [88 / in my 80s] in 2050.
I want… [come up with your own sentence OR feel free to borrow from suggestions below:]

…my city to be car-free
…my city to have houses that are self-powered
…all electricity and fuel to come from renewable sources only
…my country to have efficient trains that get me places – even overnight
…food waste to be a thing of the past
…deserts to be turned into edible forest gardens
…my food to grow in a soil that’s alive with healthy, beneficial microorganisms

Let’s #MoveTheDate ! [Show up the palm of one’s hand]

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.

…to live in a world where small family farmers make a good living while caring for the land and natural ecosystems
…to live in a world that supports small families so all kids have a future
…to live in a world where all girls and women have access to education
…to live in a world where all women and men have fair and equal opportunities to make a living
…my country not to run an ecological deficit
…my country to treat nature more thoughtfully than we treat financial markets today

See what others have shared!

More steps to #MoveTheDate

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

I jump in front of the camera

I jump in front of the camera

spread of colorful vegetables

I take on food waste

group of hands holding sprouts

I nurture nature

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I travel with an eco-sensibility

crowded city street

I start a population conversation

I streamline my wardrobe

I streamline my wardrobe

young woman sitting on floor looking at laptop

I dive into data

couple preparing vegetarian meal

I beef up my plant-based diet

two men in business suits riding bicycles

I commute carbon-free

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate