Will you declare what you want to see (and possibly help make) happen in order to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day to December 31 or later before 2050? It’s as easy as posting your 15-second video selfie on your favorite social media!


  1. Create your own video selfie
  2. Post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,…) with the hashtag #MoveTheDate and @EndOvershoot tag.


I am [Mathis].
I will be [88 / in my 80s] in 2050.
I want… [come up with your own sentence OR feel free to borrow from suggestions below:]

…my city to be car-free
…my city to have houses that are self-powered
…all electricity and fuel to come from renewable sources only
…my country to have efficient trains that get me places – even overnight
…food waste to be a thing of the past
…deserts to be turned into edible forest gardens
…my food to grow in a soil that’s alive with healthy, beneficial microorganisms

Let’s #MoveTheDate ! [Show up the palm of one’s hand]


We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.

…to live in a world where small family farmers make a good living while caring for the land and natural ecosystems
…to live in a world that supports small families so all kids have a future
…to live in a world where all girls and women have access to education
…to live in a world where all women and men have fair and equal opportunities to make a living
…my country not to run an ecological deficit
…my country to treat nature more thoughtfully than we treat financial markets today

See what others have shared!

More steps to #MoveTheDate

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

people preparing vegetarian meal

I beef up my plant-based diet

I sign the petition

I sign the petition

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I start a population conversation

I jump in front of the camera

I jump in front of the camera

woman choosing produce at a market

I take on food waste

I commute social

I commute social

woman planting in a field

I nurture nature

globe with data points all around the world

I dive into data

the word city

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate

clothes hanging in boutique

I streamline my wardrobe