Country Overshoot Days

A country’s overshoot day is the date on which Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in this country.

To calculate a country’s Overshoot Day, we use the latest data available from the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts. The 2019 edition features data from 2016, as data is reported to the United Nations with some time delay.

Let’s take Switzerland, for example, using the latest data available (for 2016):

  • The Ecological Footprint for Switzerland is 4.64 gha per person (in 2016)
  • Global biocapacity is 1.63 gha per person (in 2016)

Therefore, it would take (4.64/ 1.63) = 2.8 Earths if everyone lived like the Swiss,
we can determine Switzerland’s overshoot day as 365 * (1.63/ 4.64) = 128th day in the year. The 128th day is the 9th of May, Switzerland’s Overshoot Day (in 2016).

Not all countries will have an overshoot day. By way of the country overshoot equation above, a country will only have an overshoot day if their Ecological Footprint per person is greater than global biocapacity (1.63 gha). Countries whose Ecological Footprint per person are less than global biocapacity (1.63 gha) do not have an overshoot day and are therefore not included in our list below. In leap years, we compare the date against 366 days of the year.figure showing country overshoot days

All countries are not represented in the infographic. The table below provides a more complete list of country overshoot days:

Dive into your country’s Ecological Footprint and biocapacity data at

Country Overshoot Day
Qatar 11-Feb
Luxembourg 16-Feb
United Arab Emirates 8-Mar
Bahrain 10-Mar
Kuwait 11-Mar
Trinidad and Tobago 13-Mar
United States of America 15-Mar
Canada 18-Mar
Mongolia 19-Mar
Bermuda 21-Mar
Estonia 26-Mar
Denmark 29-Mar
Oman 29-Mar
Australia 31-Mar
Aruba 2-Apr
Sweden 3-Apr
Latvia 4-Apr
Finland 6-Apr
Belgium 6-Apr
Saudi Arabia 6-Apr
Austria 9-Apr
Korea, Republic of 10-Apr
Singapore 12-Apr
Cayman Islands 13-Apr
Malta 13-Apr
Czech Republic 17-Apr
Lithuania 17-Apr
Kazakhstan 18-Apr
Norway 18-Apr
Belize 22-Apr
Turkmenistan 22-Apr
Russia 26-Apr
Slovenia 27-Apr
Ireland 27-Apr
Cook Islands 28-Apr
Israel 3-May
Germany 3-May
Netherlands 4-May
New Zealand 6-May
Réunion 9-May
Switzerland 9-May
Montserrat 13-May
Japan 13-May
Bhutan 13-May
France 14-May
Italy 15-May
Poland 15-May
Martinique 15-May
United Kingdom 17-May
Antigua and Barbuda 18-May
Chile 19-May
Greece 20-May
Brunei Darussalam 21-May
Slovakia 22-May
Guadeloupe 25-May
Portugal 26-May
French Polynesia 27-May
Spain 28-May
Belarus 30-May
Croatia 1-Jun
Malaysia 1-Jun
Barbados 6-Jun
Cyprus 8-Jun
Bahamas 9-Jun
Libya 9-Jun
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10-Jun
Montenegro 12-Jun
China 14-Jun
Hungary 14-Jun
Mauritius 18-Jun
Bulgaria 22-Jun
Tonga 25-Jun
Guyana 25-Jun
Argentina 26-Jun
Turkey 27-Jun
Lebanon 30-Jun
Iran 6-Jul
Bolivia 6-Jul
South Africa 8-Jul
Fiji 9-Jul
Romania 12-Jul
Serbia 18-Jul
Suriname 20-Jul
Samoa 20-Jul
Grenada 22-Jul
Macedonia TFYR 23-Jul
Ukraine 24-Jul
Paraguay 24-Jul
Brazil 31-Jul
Botswana 7-Aug
Costa Rica 10-Aug
Namibia 13-Aug
Mexico 17-Aug
Venezuela 23-Aug
Thailand 28-Aug
Solomon Islands 3-Sep
Algeria 5-Sep
Djibouti 5-Sep
French Guiana 8-Sep
Dominica 10-Sep
Saint Lucia 13-Sep
Mauritania 14-Sep
Gabon 17-Sep
Panama 22-Sep
Peru 23-Sep
Tunisia 29-Sep
Viet Nam 8-Oct
Georgia 8-Oct
Azerbaijan 13-Oct
Jordan 14-Oct
El Salvador 17-Oct
Colombia 18-Oct
Albania 24-Oct
Ghana 30-Oct
Armenia 4-Nov
Uzbekistan 6-Nov
Uruguay 6-Nov
Laos 9-Nov
Guatemala 13-Nov
Equatorial Guinea 14-Nov
Eswatini 17-Nov
Egypt 25-Nov
Cuba 1-Dec
Nicaragua 5-Dec
Papua New Guinea 7-Dec
Iraq 7-Dec
Moldova 8-Dec
Sao Tome and Principe 12-Dec
Dominican Republic 12-Dec
Ecuador 14-Dec
Morocco 16-Dec
Indonesia 18-Dec
Niger 25-Dec
Myanmar 25-Dec
Kyrgyzstan 26-Dec