100 Days of Possibility

There’s No Benefit In Waiting

We are entering a ‘storm’ of climate change and resource constraints. The earlier we start preparing ourselves for this predictable future, the better positioned we will be.

Fighting the climate and resource crisis will be easier with international cooperation. Without it, the need for companies, cities, and countries to prepare themselves for the future becomes even more existential.

Let’s #MoveTheDate!

For 100 days, from Earth Overshoot Day 2021 to COP 26, we showcased many ways we can use existing technology to displace business as usual practices we can no longer afford.

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NOV 1: You!


OCT 31: Rural Solar Power and Microgrids

solar panels on house roof

Atmos Financial

OCT 30: Financing Decarbonization

OCT 29: Land Stewardship for Low Impact Beef Production


OCT 28: NaturePositivity

OCT 27: Improved Emissions Standards for Trucks

aerial view passive house for the elderly in spain

Residencia de Ancianos

OCT 26: Passive House for the Elderly

Schneider Electric

OCT 25: Water and Wastewater Services

OCT 24: Building Retrofits – Multi-family housing

world map with pins on it

OCT 23: Vacation Closer to Home

OCT 22: Burning Methane

OCT 21: Smart Cities

eco data center

Schneider Electric

OCT 20: EcoDataCenter, the world’s first climate-positive data center

close up of growing rice grains

OCT 19: Improved Rice Production

humanscapes habitat

Humanscapes Habitat

OCT 18: Sustainable and Integrated Urban Living

close up image of fabric threads


OCT 17: Circular Fashion

OCT 16: Community-Centered Conservation

OCT 15: End single use plastics

smart homes

Schneider Electric

OCT 14: Smart and Sustainable Homes

OCT 13: Tree Plantations

paper money in different currencies

OCT 12: Carbon Pricing

construction waste recycler

Eberhard AG

OCT 11: Construction Waste Recycler

Batonga Foundation

Oct 10: Girl’s and young women’s leadership clubs

OCT 9: Peatland Protection and Rewetting

windmills and cows

OCT 8: Onshore Wind Turbines

infill housing

OCT 7: Infill Housing Development

OCT 6: Building retrofits – Single-family housing

OCT 5: High Performance Glass

OCT 4: Urban Trees

OCT 3: Carshare

OCT 2: Building Electrification

OCT 1: Education

SEP 29: Clean Cookstoves

wine and grapes with valley in background

The Alliance for Carbon Neutrality: Siena

SEP 28: Carbon Neutral Cities

man biking in Calanques National Park, France

DestiMED Plus

SEP 27: Mediterranean Ecotourism

Schneider Electric

SEP 26: Egyptian Smart Grid

SEP 25: Lending Libraries

SEP 24: Managed Grazing

guimaraes portugal city castle view

Guimarães, Portugal

SEP 23: Municipal Footprint-driven Development Strategies

SEP 22: Reduce potential for violent conflict

SEP 21: Cool Roofs

SEP 20: Distributed Solar

Dandelion Africa

SEP 19: Mobile Backpack Nurses – Women’s Health

SEP 18: Blending Hydrogen and Natural Gas

SEP 17: Tree Intercropping

SEP 16: Green New Deal

woman harvesting lettuce in short chain food system


SEP 15: Fostering short-chain food systems in the Mediterranean

SEP 14: Slowing down cargo ships

SEP 13: Reduced Work Week

SEP 12: Offshore Wind Turbines

Wuppertal, Germany

SEP 11 – Nordbahntrasse, Northern Railway Line

SEP 10: Geothermal Power

SEP 9: Electric Vehicles


SEP 8: Low-Carbon Circular Concrete

close up photo of cotton


SEP 7: Fashion promoting organic natural fibers

SEP 5: Efficient Cooking

Schneider Electric

SEP 4: Smart Energy Bus Depot

SEP 3: Regenerative Annual Cropping

SEP 2: Lowering speed limits

SEP 1: Compact Superblocks

clothes hanging on a clothesline

AUG 31: Air Drying Laundry

pizza on a plate

AUG 30: Meatless Mondays

lamp with LED bulb

AUG 29: LED Lighting in Households

AUG 28: Battery Technology & Energy Storage Systems

AUG 27: Green hydrogen

AUG 26: People, Bees, and Trees

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

AUG 25: Biodiversity Conservation in our Neighborhoods

AUG 24: Climate Appropriate Clothing

AUG 23: Silvopasture

AUG 22: Renewable energy

AUG 21: Refrigerant Management

AUG 20: 15-Minute City

AUG 19: Smart meters and dynamic pricing

AUG 18: Congestion pricing in cities

laptop video conferencing

AUG 17: Replace business travel with video conferencing

tropical forest

AUG 16: Restore and protect tropical forests

AUG 15: Reuse and recycle furniture and furnishings

AUG 14: High Speed Rail

AUG 13: eBikes

male and female birth control methods

AUG 12: Women’s and girl’s reproductive health

AUG 11: Reforming parking in cities

AUG 10: Electric Heat Pumps

AUG 9: Traditional building design

AUG 8: Energy efficient household appliances

woman looking at clothes on rack

AUG 7: Giving clothing a longer life

AUG 6: Cargo Bikes

AUG 5: Shift towards a plant-based diet

AUG 4: Green Roofs

view of market on the street

AUG 3: Eating local

row of parked bicycles near street

AUG 2: Bicycle Infrastructure

Center for Biological Diversity

AUG 1: Endangered Species Condoms

JUL 31: Food Waste

Schneider Electric

JUL 30: Low Energy Office Park IntenCity

mangrove aquaculture

Global Nature Fund

JUL 29: Integrated Mangrove Aquaculture

Possibility Pioneers