Ecological Deficit Day

April 13: Ecological Deficit Day of Switzerland

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April 13 marks the ecological deficit day of Switzerland. The nation’s demand for food, timber and carbon dioxide absorption now exceeds what the nation’s ecosystems can renew over the full year, according to Global Footprint Network’s 2015 National Footprint Accounts. It would take 3.5 Switzerlands to support Swiss residents’ Ecological Footprint.

When a nation like Switzerland is in ecological deficit it meets demand by importing, liquidating its own ecological assets and/or using the global commons by emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. See how much nature Switzerland has and how much its residents use in the figure below:


Switzerland has a large carbon footprint as a percentage of total Ecological footprint, particularly compared to other European countries.

Forests makes up 53 percent of Switzerland’s biocapacity, which has increased slightly since 1961. Switzerland’s cropland and grazing land biocapacity appear to have peaked in the 1990s, and declined since then slightly.

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