Cars are responsible for 19.7% of the global carbon Footprint. If we reduce driving by 50% around the world and assume one-third of car miles are replaced by public transportation and the rest by biking and walking, Earth Overshoot Day would move back 12 days!

How do you commute to work? Do you have a chance to mingle with the carpooling folks, or even the cyclists or public transit riders who meet on the road every day? Bring social back in your daily commute!

We are counting all the steps taken to #MoveTheDate. More steps mean more impact.

Share a picture and your commute story on social media with the hashtag #MoveTheDate!

people on bicycles in Amsterdam

More steps to #MoveTheDate

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

I join the #MoveTheDate movement

people preparing vegetarian meal

I beef up my plant-based diet

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I travel with an eco-sensibility

I start a population conversation

I jump in front of the camera

I jump in front of the camera

woman choosing produce at a market

I take on food waste

I commute social

I commute social

woman planting in a field

I nurture nature

globe with data points all around the world

I dive into data

the word city

I challenge my city leaders to #MoveTheDate

clothes hanging in boutique

I streamline my wardrobe