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‪Is your thermostat running hot or cold lately? ‪#‎Pledgefortheplanet‬ to invite the season into your home for a day by turning your thermostat up or down several degrees to save energy, and share a selfie showing you are dressed appropriately for the season outside!


‪It takes 14 times as much biologically productive land to produce 1 ton of beef than it takes to produce 1 ton of grain. Make Earth #Overshoot Day a Green Monday by eating plant based for the day and ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬ to host a vegetarian dinner party!


Did you ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬ to help reverse the trend of overshooting our planet’s resources? Now share a photo fulfilling your pledge & be entered to win a GoPro camera!


‪Did you know cars are responsible for 19.7% of the global ‪#‎carbon‬ Footprint? ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬ by taking alternative transportation (bike, public transit, etc.) for a day! 


August 8 is Earth ‪#‎Overshoot‬ Day. Are you ready to help reverse the trend of overshooting our planet’s resources AND win a GoPro? ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬ today! To enter: (1) Choose and make pledges at, then (2) fulfill your pledge by sharing a photo and entering your story at


‪Show the world and your friends that you care: “I pledge to lift my feet off of the floor and share a picture of my commitment to tread lightly on the Earth.” ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬


Help move Earth ‪#‎Overshoot‬ Day farther back on the calendar by making your first ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬: Host a vegetarian dinner party & share a photo of the feast!


Eat more plant based foods 2 reduce Footprint & #pledgefortheplanet 2 host vegetarian dinner


Earth #Overshoot Day is August 8. Let’s end overshoot to create a sustainable world! #pledgefortheplanet


It takes 1.6 earths to support humanity’s demand on nature, and we only have one. We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, overharvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can sequester. #overshoot


Join us and take part in our action campaign to #pledgefortheplanet. Help create a future where planet and people thrive!


Check out the “Creating a Sustainable World” map to see projects that are helping to create a future where people and planet thrive. #overshoot


How many countries are required to meet the demand of its citizens? Become a natural resource expert and find out! #overshoot


On August 8, 2016, we will have used as much from nature as our planet can renew in the whole year. #pledgefortheplanet at


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Is your country an ecological creditor or debtor? Watch as the map displays the changes from 1961 to 2012. #overshoot


Earth ‪#‎Overshoot‬ Day is approaching! Make a ‪#‎pledgefortheplanet‬ to move the date farther back on the calendar.